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moving things from a shed to a storage unit

About a year ago, I had a tree fall through the roof of my storage shed on my property. This left me with the immediate need to find somewhere to keep everything that was previously stored in the shed. This was the first time that I ever found a use for a storage unit rental. I loaded up everything that I knew I wouldn't need anytime soon and took it over to the storage unit and dumped it off. I liked this option so much that I didn't bother buying a new shed. To get some ideas about how to store things in a storage unit, continue reading through my blog.


4 Ways To Save Money On Out-Of-State Moving Expenses

3 November 2015
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Many people move out of state for a new job opportunity, to live closer to family, or to realize a dream of living in a certain location. Moving a household can be stressful even when your new residence is just a few miles away-- an out-of-state move can be even more stressful and also cost a lot more money. If you are moving out of state in the near future, use the following tips to save money on moving expenses:   Read More …

Moving Overseas? Why You Need the Help of an International Mover

27 October 2015
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Although you may be accustomed to moving companies that help relocate customers from one part of town to another, you may not be as familiar with international moving companies. These businesses specialize in making the transition from one country to another as seamless as possible. If you're moving overseas, these companies offer you a tremendous array of benefits that can go a long way toward alleviating some of the stress that you may feel about going to another country. Read More …

3 Times In College You May Need Self Storage Options

23 October 2015
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As a college student, you probably understand the limitations of dorm rooms and apartments. With the limited space, you don't have the luxury of collecting things, accumulating clothes, and adding new furniture every season. Instead, you have to either keep your belongings to a minimum, or you keep some items in self storage. There are three times specifically you may need storage options while in college. These times usually include studying abroad, summer break, and after graduation. Read More …

Tips To Sell Your Car For More Money

16 October 2015
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Are you ready to upgrade to a newer car, but need to sell your current one first? If you do then your biggest factor when selling your current car is likely to maximize your sale price so you can help pay for your new car. A car that isn't operating efficiently will have an impact on the price point, which can hurt your sale more than you think. Before you list your car, you may want to make some investments into it, as this can help you sell your car for a higher price. Read More …

Tips For Hiring The Right Moving Company

15 October 2015
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Your moving day is coming up and you haven't hired movers yet. Well, rather than waste any more time, you will definitely want to look into what professional moving company to hire, to ensure you hire a company that can provide you with excellent service and an enjoyable moving experience. There are many factors to consider when hiring a moving company, such as these: Be Sure That Your Property Is Protected: Read More …