4 Ways To Save Money On Out-Of-State Moving Expenses

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4 Ways To Save Money On Out-Of-State Moving Expenses

3 November 2015
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Many people move out of state for a new job opportunity, to live closer to family, or to realize a dream of living in a certain location. Moving a household can be stressful even when your new residence is just a few miles away-- an out-of-state move can be even more stressful and also cost a lot more money. If you are moving out of state in the near future, use the following tips to save money on moving expenses:  

Don't Take Stuff That You Don't Need With You

The more stuff you have to move, the bigger the truck needed which translates to higher moving costs. In order to save some money, take the time to carefully go through all of your belongings and throw away, donate, or sell anything that you no longer really need or use. In addition to saving you some money, getting rid of clutter can help you start out life in your new home with everything clean and organized. 

Get Quotes from Multiple Moving Companies

The rates charged for interstate moves can vary wildly from company to company. To get the best deal possible, it is well worth your time to contact several moving companies to get a price quote. Many moving companies have online forms on their websites that you can fill out, and within a few days you will receive an email with a price quote. When you receive an attractive price quote, contact the company to inquire about any discounts or promotions that you can take advantage of.

Limit the Amount of Money You Spend on Moving Supplies

Packing up a whole house can require a lot of boxes and packing supplies. Resist the impulse to visit a moving center and purchase all of these supplies. Obtaining boxes for free is relatively easy-- most grocery stores will give away sturdy cardboard boxes if you ask nicely. You can also skip buying expensive packing paper-- newspaper and junk mail are great to use to wrap fragile items and padding the inside of boxes to prevent any breakage. 

Transport Your Car Yourself

Paying a company to move your car out of state can be very expensive. If you have the time for a road trip, consider driving yourself to your new state instead of flying. You'll save money on auto transport costs while also having the opportunity to see parts of the country that you may not have experienced before.