Packing Your Items For Storage So They Don't Break

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Packing Your Items For Storage So They Don't Break

25 January 2016
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When you are putting your items into a storage unit, there are steps you should take to keep everything in good condition. The information below can help you to put your items into the storage unit in the best way possible so you don't have to worry about them breaking or being damaged.

Use boxes of the same size

If you are able to, using clear plastic bins that are all the same size. Plastic bins will offer your items protection from dust, moisture, and pests. However, it can be quite expensive to purchase a large number of them. Therefore, if you must use cardboard boxes, then you should make them all the same size as well. This will help them to fit nicely in the unit and avoid them tipping over.

Consider putting up shelving

If you have a lot of boxes to put in your storage unit, it may be best for you to put shelves in the unit that you can put the boxes on. This way, you know they won't get smashed and you can easily get at any of them any time you want. You can use metal shelving, or you can make your own using masonry bricks and plywood. This type can be rearranged to fit your needs as you take stuff out of the unit or add more to it.

Keep fragile items separate

A good way to know you are keeping your fragile items safe is to designate a certain part of the storage unit to fragile things. This way, you know if you are in that area, then you need to be careful. Of course, you will still want them to be packed in bubble wrap or another packaging material. They should also be clearly labeled with the word "fragile." You can also print out pictures of very fragile things and tape the pictures to the outer packaging. This makes it easier to find them and lets everyone know how careful they need to be with those things.

Consider using a professional moving company

The best way for you to be sure your items are packed in a way that saves space and where everything is protected is to have the professionals do it. They are familiar with packing strategies and what needs to be done to protect your things. They also have a system in place that allows you to know which items are where.

This advice is going to help you feel better about your items being in storage because you won't have to stress out about the idea of broken things coming out of the unit.

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