Preparing Your Pup For A Move To A New Home | The Do's And Don'ts

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Preparing Your Pup For A Move To A New Home | The Do's And Don'ts

26 July 2016
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Whether you are young or old, packing up all of your belongings and moving to a new place can be one of the most stressful events you ever face. However, if you have a pooch that also counts as one of your family members, the whole situation can be downright confusing and scary in their eyes. Strange people going in and out, the removal of familiar objects, and a new place that probably smells funny--all of this can cause your dog to get pretty upset. To make sure your four-legged family member is okay through the move and with the new place, there are a few do's and don'ts that will be helpful for you to remember. 

Do introduce your pup to the new place early on. 

Before you make your final trip to the house, make sure you include your dog during a few of those first visits. This will give him a chance to get used to the new surroundings before the official moving day comes up.

Don't leave your precautious pup at the new place alone. 

It is not at all uncommon to make several trips to and from your new place on moving day, and you may be tempted to go ahead and take your dog over so it can be getting used to the new place. However, make sure you do not leave your pet alone at the new house. Even if kept indoors, it can be incredibly stressful for him to be left in a new place without you around.

Do fix up a box that contains all of your doggy's favorite things. 

While you are packing up, create a designated box specifically for your dog's necessities and favorite things. Some items to consider include:

  • food and water bowls
  • the dog's bed or blanket
  • favorite toys
  • treats and food

Before you make your final trip to the new place, make sure you grab the box to take along with you for the drive and have it ready to go when you arrive. Keeping these items within reach will give you a chance to make your pet more comfortable as soon as you get to the new house.

Don't allow your dog to run free while the movers are in the house. 

The whole scene playing out inside a house where you are trying to move can already be enough to freak your dog out, so allowing strangers to roam around is not going to make things any better. While the professional movers are doing their job, either send your pooch to a sitter or keep him contained in a room where there is not a lot of commotion. 

For more moving tips, work with a local moving company.