Tips To Sell Your Car For More Money

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Tips To Sell Your Car For More Money

16 October 2015
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Are you ready to upgrade to a newer car, but need to sell your current one first? If you do then your biggest factor when selling your current car is likely to maximize your sale price so you can help pay for your new car. A car that isn't operating efficiently will have an impact on the price point, which can hurt your sale more than you think. Before you list your car, you may want to make some investments into it, as this can help you sell your car for a higher price.

Replace Balding Tires

Tires are one of the first components that a buyer will likely inspect and during the inspection; he or she will look for signs of balding and loss of tire traction. If your tires have little traction left to them then this can potentially put a warning sign in the buyers head that he or she will have to spend a lot to have these tires replaced. Well, rather than have a buyer negotiate with a very low offer because your tires are in poor condition, consider replacing these tires, even if that means buying tires that are used but are in better condition than your current set.

Improve Engine Performance

If a car doesn't accelerate quickly or efficiently then this could easily give the buyer the impression that the engine may need some major work done to it. Scaring a buyer like this could result in a huge loss on your sale price, as the buyer may think these issues are worse than they actually are. To ensure your engine performs properly, consider taking it into a shop and having them improve the performance by installing newer components. New engine oil, a replacement air filters, and a fuel pump can improve horsepower, fuel efficiency, and the overall performance of the car, which can give your car more selling points and prevent you from scaring away buyers due to the performance and quality of your engine.

Improve Your Car's Start Up Performance

The performance of your car's ability to start the engine can impact the price of your sale tremendously. If your car has problems when starting, it can prevent buyers from want to purchase the vehicle because it will make them think they will need to spend a lot of money to have this problem resolved. Instead, you could just make a small investment to replace any failing component, like your alternator or car battery. This will likely improve the efficiency of your car's ability to start up, which will prevent your buyers from doubting the performance of your car. This will prevent buyers from negotiating the price of your car due to a faulty start up.  

These upgrades and maintenance repairs can help your car perform more efficiently, which will help keep the value up, and help you sell your car for much more. Not only will this help you sell your car for a higher price, but it can help you sell your car faster, as you won't scare off potential buyers by selling an unreliable vehicle. For assistance, talk to a car sale professional like Hertz Clifton-Passaic Rent A Car to see what tune ups they do to sell their cars.