Keeping Mice Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

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Keeping Mice Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

12 October 2015
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If you have just rented a self storage unit to house your belongings, you will want to be diligent in keeping rodents from getting inside, as they can cause destruction to your belongings. Mice can get into your storage unit through small cracks, can run in when you are not watching, or can be housed in the materials you place in the unit. Here are a few tips you can use to minimize the chance mice get into your self storage unit at all and what you should do if you find they did indeed make their way inside.

Seal Before Moving

Before you bring any of your belongings to the self storage unit location, you will want to do an evaluation of the interior of the space to make sure it is completely secure. Walk around the perimeter and inspect the walls using a flashlight to help you see flaws in the building material. If you see an area where there is a crack or a hole, alert the manager that you would like another unit if possible. If there is not another unit available, ask them to fill the holes with caulking or flashing. 

Check the seal on the door by having someone stand in the unit while you are on the exterior of the door. Try inserting a piece of cardboard between the door's gasket and the floor or wall of the unit. If it goes through, the seal is not secure enough to keep out mice.

Pack Smartly

When you pack your belongings to bring to storage, start with a clean plastic storage container or box. Place each item into the container, inspecting it as you do so. Do not bring boxes of belongings to your unit without dumping out the contents and inspecting each item before placing back inside the box. It is possible to bring along a mouse if you do not do this step!

Add Deterrents And Eliminate Attractions

Do not put any edible items into your storage unit. Food can be smelled from the outside, making your area attractive to both rodents and insects. Add the scent of peppermint to your storage unit to deter mice from trying to get inside, as they do not care for this smell whatsoever. Dip several gauze pads in peppermint oil and place them in random spots in your storage unit to help keep mice away.

Inform Management

If you should see a mouse in your unit, place a trap inside to try to capture it while you are gone. You will need to visit every day or so to see if you were able to catch it. If it does not show up, alert management so they are made aware that you had seen a mouse on the premises. There may be an infestation within someone else's unit. Your manager will be able to inspect other units for problems and may call a pest control service if a problem is found.

For more information, contact Allsafe & Storaway Self Storage or a similar location.