How To Prepare Your Appliances For Moving Day

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How To Prepare Your Appliances For Moving Day

8 October 2015
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There's a lot of preparation work you need to do before moving day. The movers are responsible for getting your items on and off the truck, but unless you've also hired them to pack your things too, all the packing and prepping is your responsibility. If you don't have things done right, the movers may not put your belongings on the truck, and that causes unnecessary delays. For example, large appliances have special needs when it comes to moving. Here's what you need to do to get them ready for moving day.

Refrigerator And Freezer

It's very important to clean and dry your freezer and refrigerator before the move because if they are humid inside and sealed during the move, mold will grow, and bad odors will get stronger. If they are on the truck for very long or placed in storage, your appliances could be ruined and unusable when finally moved to your new home.

You'll need to start a couple of days before the move. Unplug your appliances and tape the cord to the back with packing tape. Remove all food and place it in a cooler, eat it, or throw it out. Let the freezer defrost, and wash the insides with soapy water. You may want to use vinegar or baking soda in your refrigerator to get rid of food odors and stains. Once the appliances are clean, dry them with a soft cloth. Leave the doors open at least a day or two to make sure they are totally dry and aired out before moving day.

Remove any racks or drawers that will slide or rattle, or secure them in place. Consider using the space in your refrigerator for packing soft items such as pillows, stuffed toys, or even clothing. Seal them in bags first to protect them from odors. On moving day, seal the doors with straps or tape. Your mover will place the appliances on the moving van using a hand truck. This means the refrigerator and freezer will be slanted for a while. For that reason, you should allow your appliances to settle in place for several hours before you turn them on once they arrive at your new place. Consult your owner's manual for more instructions about care of refrigerated units when moving.

The Oven

You should clean your oven before you move, especially if it will be placed in storage. Grease stains will accumulate grime and dirt. Odors may build up on the racks. A clean oven gets you off to a good start in your new home. Plus, if the inside of the oven is nice and clean, you can use the space to pack soft items such as small rugs and pillows. On moving day, be sure the plug is taped to the back, and the oven door is secured. If the handle can be removed easily, you may want to take it off. If you're concerned about protecting the finish of your appliance, wrap it in a blanket or moving pad and secure the pad in place with straps.

Washing Machine

Just like a refrigerator, you want to make sure the washing machine is completely dry before moving day. Clean the machine and leave the door open to let it air out for a couple of days. Remove the hoses and cords from the back, wrap them, and stow them inside the machine. Be sure the lid is taped or latched. Ask your mover about a brace or kit you can attach to the washer to keep the tub inside from swaying in the truck. If you also have a dryer, you can prepare it for moving by taping the cord to the unit and taping the door shut.

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