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moving things from a shed to a storage unit

About a year ago, I had a tree fall through the roof of my storage shed on my property. This left me with the immediate need to find somewhere to keep everything that was previously stored in the shed. This was the first time that I ever found a use for a storage unit rental. I loaded up everything that I knew I wouldn't need anytime soon and took it over to the storage unit and dumped it off. I liked this option so much that I didn't bother buying a new shed. To get some ideas about how to store things in a storage unit, continue reading through my blog.


Preparing Your Pup For A Move To A New Home | The Do’s And Don’ts

26 July 2016
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Whether you are young or old, packing up all of your belongings and moving to a new place can be one of the most stressful events you ever face. However, if you have a pooch that also counts as one of your family members, the whole situation can be downright confusing and scary in their eyes. Strange people going in and out, the removal of familiar objects, and a new place that probably smells funny--all of this can cause your dog to get pretty upset. Read More …

Setting Up A Container To Move Fish Properly

6 June 2016
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Moving large, heavy, and bulky items, like a fish tank, to a new home can be difficult and aggravating. This is one reason why it is often worth the expense to hire a professional to move your things for you. If you do need your fish tank moved, then one of your biggest concerns should be your fish. Fish are extremely sensitive to changes, and they certainly can become stressed during a move. Read More …

3 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Belongings While In Self-Storage

11 April 2016
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Many people have storage units to store their belongings while they are not in use. It could be that you are moving and need a place to keep your belongings until you get into a new house or that you need more space in your existing house so you rent a storage unit. Whatever the reason, it is important that you protect your things from damage and theft. This comes from renting the right unit. Read More …

Packing Your Items For Storage So They Don’t Break

25 January 2016
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When you are putting your items into a storage unit, there are steps you should take to keep everything in good condition. The information below can help you to put your items into the storage unit in the best way possible so you don't have to worry about them breaking or being damaged. Use boxes of the same size If you are able to, using clear plastic bins that are all the same size. Read More …