Setting Up A Container To Move Fish Properly

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Setting Up A Container To Move Fish Properly

6 June 2016
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Moving large, heavy, and bulky items, like a fish tank, to a new home can be difficult and aggravating. This is one reason why it is often worth the expense to hire a professional to move your things for you. If you do need your fish tank moved, then one of your biggest concerns should be your fish. Fish are extremely sensitive to changes, and they certainly can become stressed during a move. To reduce stress, you will need to set up a container that the fish can be moved in. Keep reading to learn about how to set up the right environment. 

Use A Heater

It is wise to remove the fish from your tank. The fish should be placed in a large cooler, tupperware container, bucket, or other space while you move. If you have tropical fish, then you should secure a heater in the container to keep the temperature consist. Start with lukewarm water and add the heater to the bucket at least a few hours before you add the fish. A thermometer will help to show you when the water in the bucket is the same temperature as your fish tank. This is important. If you place the fish in water colder than what they are used to, then the fish may go through cold shock.

Fish go through metabolic changes when living in cold water conditions. These changes usually happen gradually. However, when you place a fish suddenly into colder water, the body changes will happen rapidly. In some cases, the changes will be so quick that your fish can die. If they do not die, they may end up with weakened immune systems. This means that illness may set in soon after the move if you fail to use a heater.

Add A Bubbler

You also will need to add a device called a bubbler to the container. An air stone, bubbler, or bubble wand is a device that adds bubbles to the water that your fish live in. These bubbles break when they enter the water, and this helps to add oxygen to it. Oxygenated water is extremely important, since fish remove oxygen from the water with their gills so they can breathe. Low oxygen levels can lead to lethargic behavior, gasping at the water surface, and labored gill movements. Fish can die or become ill without enough oxygen.

Your fish tank will typically have high oxygen levels due to the exposure of the water to the air and the movement of the fluid moving out of the filters. However, a bucket or cooler will have low surface area and no filters. A bubbler is the best option to help retain good water oxygen levels during the move. Bubblers do need air hoses and a small pump. Just make sure that you have a small car adapter to provide the bubbler and your heater with electricity. For more information about moving heavy or bulky items, talk with a moving services company.